Pest Animal Removal Evanston, Illinois!

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- Animal trapping and relocation using humane traps
- Removal of animals in attics and chimneys and walls
- Animal damage repairs: chewed wood, wires, and more
- Prevention services to keep critters away permanently
- Home inspections to find animal entry holes and damage
- Attic restoration: cleanup and insulation replacement
- Dead animal removal both outside and in the walls
- Rodent control - permanent solution, poison-free
- Bat colony removal with 100% legal success rate
- Bird control services: pigeons, sparrows, etc
- Snake removal services: we come out 24/7

Our Wildlife Control Company has been in this industry for more than a decade. We have been continuously advancing and improving as the years gone by. We are working hand in hand with some multinational companies, distributors, and suppliers of environment-friendly products to complete our services. We are also taking advantage of the latest innovation in technology like the newest baiting system. Our company has gathered not only the most skilled but also the most experienced in dealing with wildlife issues ensuring that we can provide the best possible line of services to our customers. We have the right equipment and tool to deal with all sorts of wildlife infestation no matter how simple or complex it may be.