How to trap or exclude flying squirrels?

How to trap or exclude flying squirrels?

If you have been facing these naughty creatures for a while, you have come to the right place to know how to exclude them. Flying squirrels will take test on your patience because of the nuisance in nature. Your resistance to damage caused by them inside your garden or over the trees by them eating ripe fruits and beans will come to test too. Now that we know they glide from one tree to another, it gets really difficult to get onto them and catch them.

Funnels or Exclusion Traps

The question with these traps comes that whether you know the place that squirrels are acquiring or not. If you know the place where they are residing, this method can be effective. Measure the size of the opening for the funnel to be put in. The exit of the pipe or prohibition material should have snares that jut outwards such that it'll be simple for the creature to induce out but difficult to return interior the pipe once more.

Traps Having Baits

Squirrels love to eat snails, beans, nuts and many similar food. They love to feed on things that are found in a house especially nuts. Consequently, simply put up a few traps to see how well it goes. They will always be around in numbers so the more traps you put the more squirrels you are going to capture. Since they move around all over the place, you will have to identify the right places to use the traps in making sure that the area is easily accessible for them to come have a meal. Now keep some attractive & flattering material alongside the trap and as soon as the squirrel tries to get the food, the trap gets to the squirrel. Once all the traps each have a squirrel, you can now decide to relocate them 4-5 miles away so that they are unable to get back.

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