What Diseases Do Coyote Carry and What are The Symptoms of a Sick Coyote?

What Diseases Do Coyote Carry and What are The Symptoms of a Sick Coyote?

There are various diseases carried by Coyotes, this could be as a result of the facts that they roam in the bush or as a result of what they eat. However, it is paramount to note the various kind of the diseases they carry and how it can be transmitted to our farm animals, pets and even humans. Some of the diseases they carry which are also commonly found amidst them is canine hepatitis and distemper. Other are tularemia and rabies which can be transmit to animals and human alike. Often times, Coyotes houses parasites such as flukes, fleas, mites, worms and ticks. They spread this diseases by biting their prey majorly. Therefore, even though the disease might not be evident on the Coyote or even the prey which could be a human or an animal. However, when such occurs, medical practitioner should be consulted to know how to handle the circumstance. On the other hand, the Coyote might show evidence of illness, however, it takes individuals who recognizes the symptoms to be able know the sick ones. Therefore, some of the symptoms will be listed below.

  • Hair loss and looking rough
  • Reddened eyes and could be a little bit swollen
  • Unease and rapid itching of the skin
  • Presence of infection on the skin
  • High level of aggressiveness

Once these symptoms are noticed especially the latter one, the individual should move as far as possible , in order to prevent being infected or wounded by the animal, also the pets and farm animals should be kept far away. Then relevant authorities should be contacted to prevent being infected and also loss of lives of human or animals and even lives present in the neighborhood at that time.

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